Volunteer for a Day!

Volunteer for a day at

We are partnering with local churches and organizations to raise the necessities for each camper. Sign up to volunteer on Thursday August 1st from 1:00pm-4:00pm to help us fill and personalize tote bags for the campers!

Check in: Is organization your thing? Work our registration table and get these campers started on the right foot.

Luggage: 60+ campers means lots of luggage and sleeping bags. Help direct traffic and load up the buses by joining our luggage team.

Chaperones: Do you remember fondly the butterflies you felt on the way to your first camp? Take the bus ride over and ensure our campers sit safely and begin to make friends.

Registration Nurse: We need nurses to help with signing in medications, checking for lice, and gathering heath screen forms.

In order to make sure each counselor has an hour to themselves we need your help! Become an honorary member of a cabin and assist our counselors in getting their campers to each activity. Finish the day at the pool or waterslide, bring your swimsuit if desired!

Are you a nurse? Could you help us treat the upset tummies, the scrapped knees, and distribute morning and nighttime medication?

A picture says a thousand words….will you help us tell our camp story. We are looking for those passionate about photography, whether a novice or professional we are looking for individuals to artistically document a camper’s experience that week. In addition to still photos we would LOVE video!

Are you crafty? We send each camper home with a crafty memory from camp. Will you help us crop, paste, sort the pictures that will go into these cherished frames?

Check out: Help us say goodbye. Some parents will be early, others not quite…help us keep everyone safe until picked up.

Luggage: Everything must go! Help us get it all off the bus and into the appropriate hands of its owner.

Chaperones: After a full week of fun and emotions our campers will be ready to share all their favorite stories. Join the bus ride home and make sure everyone is seated and safe!

Camp Pack Up & Clean Up: If you have ever seen a child’s room with clothes thrown about, picture that by 60. Whether it’s the girls or the boys cabins assist our counselors in getting everything packed up and cleaned up.