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Considering opening your home through foster care or adoption? Join our next zoom meet up or be connected with a family in your area who can answer questions.

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Considering Becoming A Foster (Resource) Family?

Foster Care is meant to be a short term solution for children needing out-of-home care. Youth enter foster care when there is evidence of chronic abuse, neglect, or there are signs the youth is in imminent danger. In all cases, the goal of the court is reunification with the biological parent, and on average, roughly 50% of the time that happens.

Interested in Wrapping Around Biological Families?

Let’s face it, we all need help. But what if the decisions you’ve made in life have left you with a lot of burned bridges or lacking a safety net? Help One Child desires to see families remain intact whenever possible and that often means support, even in the form of respite. If you’re interested in walking with a biological family in need of support and possibly offering occasional respite we want to work with you.

Considering Adoption?

Though private adoption has decreased, many forms of adoption still occur today. Youth, 12 and older, can still be found all over our country waiting for an adoptive family. In addition, there are roughly 700,000 frozen embryos available for adoption. And while international adoption has also declined in numbers, there are still countries open to having youth adopted internationally, especially for those with special needs.