Education and support are vital components for strengthening adoptive, foster, and kinship families’ health. We are glad you are seeking to learn! May these resources strengthen your whole family on your parenting journey!

Help One Child’s Education Program focuses on three areas.

  1. Adoption/Foster Care/Kinship Care
  2. Trauma
  3. Attachment

Short Videos on Trauma, Attachment, and/or Adoption / Foster / Kinship Parenting:

Several factors can change the course of kids’ lives: feeling seen and heard by a caring adult, being patiently taught coping strategies and resilience-building techniques, and being with adults who know about the effects of such experiences.

A powerful video which explains the effects of childhood trauma. Get your tissues-dare you not to cry.

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The Safe and Sound Protocol

Expert Guest Bio: Katherine Warner, MA, MFT, who is a private therapist in the bay area. She’s a big believer that habits formed to survive difficult childhoods may be wreaking havoc. She empathizes with how many may feel overwhelmed in parenting and works closely with my clients on communication skills, personal awareness, and nervous system…

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Trauma Informed Parenting Resources

Browse the collection of educational materials provided in video, article, blog, podcast, etc. formats with emphasis on attachment, skills needed to create healing environments for children who had experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and more specifically those who are in care outside their family of origin.

Additional Resources?

Need More Specialized Resources?

Reach out for a Referral

Youth impacted by foster care, exposed to early childhood trauma and disrupted attachment often statistically deal with other challenges at a higher rate, so please reach out to our FAMILY SERVICES DIRECTOR if you are in need of referrals for additional services, resources or support in a specific area.

This resource list focuses on trauma, attachment and foster/adoptive/kinship family lens, but if you are in need of more specialized resources for mental illness, developmental differences, medical complexities, learning needs, special education, addiction, juvenile justice, homelessness, out of home placement, etc.

Help One Child is a faith-based, non-profit organization serving families of at-risk youth impacted by foster care or adoption.  We serve ANY family in these demographics without regard to race, creed, religious preference, etc. Help One Child does not screen for or endorse opinions of speakers, educational materials, blog articles, podcast interviews, support group curriculum or resources and referrals. Inclusion of resources does not equal an endorsement of another organization, individual or content.