Support foster, adoptive, and at-risk families

The Foster Care Crisis is a community-wide problem requiring a community-wide response.

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Help One Child is committed to our unique, holistic approach, serving the full breadth of child welfare from prevention through emancipation or post-adoption. By offering support to the entire family we strengthen and encourage long-term placement stability and health.


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Your community and church can make a difference.

We provide tools and opportunities for churches to serve families and children in need. The foster care system is vast and complex but with easy on-ramps for volunteers, churches can mobilize their congregations to serve vulnerable families and children.

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The Need

Foster Care is a community wide problem needing a community wide response.

Everyone can do something.

  • 50% of Foster Families don’t take a second placement1
  • Nearly 20% of foster children experience 10 or more placements
  • Last year over 3,400 youth emancipated from the system, 65% were without permanency

CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in our community to the church’s attention.

Pray, serve, and give to children and families in crisis.

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