Helping families break the cycle and beat the odds.

The Foster Care Crisis is a community-wide problem
requiring a community-wide response.

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Help One Child is committed to our unique, holistic approach, serving the full breadth of child welfare from prevention through emancipation or post-adoption. By offering support to the entire family we strengthen and encourage long-term placement stability and health.

Annual Statistics:

1,037 Child Beneficiaries
6,235 Volunteer Opportunities
75 Partner Churches over 5 Counties


We provide tools and opportunities for churches to serve families and children in need. The foster care system is vast and complex but with easy on-ramps for volunteers, churches can moblize their congregations to serve vulnerable families and children.


  • 50% of Foster Families don’t take a second placement
  •  Nearly 20% of foster children experience 10 or more placements
  • Last year over 3,400 youth emancipated from the system, 65% were without permanency

Foster Care is a community wide problem needing a community wide response, everyone can do something.