Supporting Young Children to Cope, Build Resilience and Heal from Trauma through Play

Virtual CA, United States

(PreK-2 grade age focus) Course Description For children who experience trauma, play is a powerful tool that provides them with a context to transform the experiences that are overwhelming, frightening, and unimaginable into manageable and predictable events that they have control over. In this training, we go deeper in understanding the intersection of trauma and...


August Discussion: My child is reunifying, now what?

Virtual CA, United States

Let's face it, we do attach to these kids and some of them feel very much like 'mine'. So where does that leave us when a case suddenly changes and we're now making plans for them to reunify? It can be a whirlwind of emotions without a safe space to feel them. Let's encourage each...

November Discussion: Navigating the HOLIDAYS

Virtual CA, United States

The song should more appropriately be sung 'oh the most, stressful time of the year'! Whether you’re hoping to foster, are new at it or have fostered numerous children over many years, let’s gather to encourage each other to not only survive, but thrive during the holidays. On this community night, several practical tips and...

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