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Important Details

We require all single-day volunteers to be background checked through Help One Child. Upon submitting your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a link leading you to fill out the background check. Help One Child will then be notified and we will contact you when your results clear.

We want to equip you to serve and love the campers to the best of your ability by expanding your understanding of trust-based relational intervention. Volunteers are required to attend training prior to camp.

July 29 from 9:00 am -12:00 pm
Union Presbyterian Church
(858 University Ave, Los Altos CA 94024)

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Check-in: Is organization your thing? Work our registration table and get these campers started on the right foot. Registration is held on the first day of camp at Frontier Ranch. You will help check in the campers and walk them through the registration process. As soon as they are finished, they can head to their cabin and begin their week at camp!

Registration Nurse: One of the elements of registration is running a health check on each camper. We need nurses to help with signing in medications, checking for lice, and gathering health screen forms.

In order to make sure each counselor has an hour to themselves, we need your help! Become an honorary member of a cabin and assist our counselors in getting their campers to each activity. You will be paired with a cabin and have the opportunity to get to know the campers and participate in the day’s activities. Finish the day at the pool or waterslide, bring your swimsuit if desired! You can choose which day of the camp you would like to be a part of.

A picture says a thousand words….will you help us tell our camp story. We are looking for those passionate about photography, whether a novice or professional we are looking for individuals to artistically document a camper’s experience that week. In addition to still photos, we would LOVE some video!

We capture moments of each activity for every camper throughout the day. At the end of the week, we compile the pictures into scrapbooks for them to take home and remember their time at camp. Help us capture camp through the eyes of a camper.

Are you crafty? We send each camper home with a scrapbook of their time at camp. We need detail-oriented crafty volunteers to create these pages and assemble the memory books. Will you help us crop, paste, sort the pictures that will go into these cherished scrapbooks?

Check out: Help us say goodbye. Some parents will be early, others not quite…help us keep everyone safe until picked up.

Camp Pack Up & Clean-Up: If you have ever seen a child’s room with clothes thrown about, a picture that by 60. Whether it’s the girl’s or the boy’s cabins assist our counselors in getting everything packed up and cleaned up. Help us wrap up camp by cleaning up the cabins and making sure every camper has their belongings together ready to head home.

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