Help send an at-risk child to camp this summer

Every August, Help One Child sends over 60 foster children to an overnight summer camp at Mission Springs Frontier Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The week will consist of structured programs and bible activities with a very high ratio of counselors to campers. Our goal is to ensure that each camper comes to camp supplied with the necessities

Child Specific Cards

Select a card from Roonga with a camper’s first name, gender, age, preferences, and specific items. Each camper will have 2 separate cards. On each card, there will be a specific item. Specific items include: Swimsuit and Towel, or Sweatshirt and Pajamas.

Generic Needs Cards

Select a card from the five options on Roonga with generic needs for camp. These needs consist of: Sleeping bags, Pillows, Toiletries Kit, Sun Screen/Bug Spray, or Bibles

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