Giving Every Child and Adult a Voice

“Trauma Healing, Resilience Building and Inspiring Hope Story #01 Svetlana”

“What is STRONG with you, not what is wrong with you!” is a strengths-based approach to heal from past traumas and build resiliency, presented by Julie Kurtz, founder of the Center for Optimal Brain Integration (COBI) in Santa Clara County.

Click here to read this month’s blog where Kurtz writes about Svetlana, who was an orphan in Russia until she was adopted by a family in the United States. Svetlana is an educator who experienced trauma, developed resiliency and is embracing self-love, self-care and self-awareness. Svetlana says, “Resilience is a choice when you give your internal world a voice.”  Read on to learn more from her story and how it invites us to share the truth of our stories, heal from past traumas and build resilience.

The single objective of COBI is to give VOICE to all children and adults who have experienced trauma. COBI’s approach, based on research and evidence, is to help children and adults find a path for healing. With almost half the nation’s children having experienced at least one or more types of serious childhood trauma (National Survey of Children’s Health), this translates to an estimated 34,825,978 children nationwide.

Kurtz is highly recommended for her 30+ years of work in trauma healing and is a therapist practicing in the South Bay who experienced her own childhood trauma. She has quickly become a valued trainer, resource, blog and podcast contributor for Help One Child.

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