Transracial Families

Do you have a transracial, adoptive family? Just like love is not enough to support a child with a trauma background, love can’t shift ethnic and cultural differences either. Listen in as Trish Jonker, MA, LCPC, shares practical strategies for transracial parenting.

Bio for our Expert Guest: Trish Jonker has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is currently a licensed counselor in 11 states and is certified in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. But she’s not just a counselor, for the past 10yrs she has also been a foster mom / legal guardian to 8 kiddos (who are now ages 10 – 24). So taking her academic & professional work and combining it with her personal experience, she has created a counseling practice specializing in supporting foster & adoptive families through telehealth & in person sessions.   You can learn more about their story in her book, The Call to Love (available on Audible, Amazon & iTunes or at Trish is available for telehealth services and is a valued contributor to Help One Child’s blog and podcast.