Movement improves Mood and Mental Health!

Learn how to move more in your family and reduce mental health challenges. Can moving your body really help change your mood or your child’s? Behavioral activation is key for emotion regulation, so listen for lots of practical tips to encourage activity for your kiddos with guest Therapist Trish Jonker, LMFT, LCPC!

Guest Bio:  Trish Jonker has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is currently a licensed counselor in 11 states and is certified in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health.  But she’s not just a counselor, for the past 10yrs she has also been a foster mom / legal guardian to 8 kiddos (who are now ages 10 – 24).  So taking her academic & professional work and combining it with her personal experience, she has created a counseling practice specializing in supporting foster & adoptive families through tele-health & in person sessions.  You can learn more about their story in her book, The Call to Love (available on Audible, Amazon & iTunes) or at . She’s also a valued contributor of blog articles and podcasts for Help One Child, serving families impacted by foster care and adoption.