How to Fight for Your Family’s Heart

Our kick-off podcast interview will include Mike and Kristin Berry of The Honestly Adoption Company, who led our Help One Child Bay Area Quarterly Parent Training last year.  So, it is fitting that one year later, this interview will be our first for the November 2020 Blog Launch during National Adoption Awareness Month!  Mike and Kristin Berry, along with their amazing team, strive to encourage parents along the unique journey of foster and adoptive parenting.  They have been married for 20 years and parents for 17 of those years.  All eight of their children joined their family through adoption.  They have also fostered for nine years and have had 23 children come through their doors!

What has helped them tremendously throughout these years?  The Berry’s strongly … “believe in the power of transformation.  It’s that simple!  When you can better understand your child, find the support you need, and gain valuable training that gives insight into childhood trauma, it helps you become the best parent possible. That’s transformation. And transformation leads to hope. . .”  For great insight from the Berry’s, tune in to our upcoming podcast interview “How To Fight For Your Family’s Heart While Parenting Children From Trauma.”  Please join now and listen to these wonderful podcast interviews that we have in store for you!