Church Giving Tree Sign Up

A gift request has been entered by the caregiver, social worker, or group home leader on behalf of the child. Each member of your congregation has the opportunity to purchase a gift requested by a foster, adopted, transitional, or at-risk youth. The gift will then be returned to your church where a team of volunteers will check-in and sort the gifts into the requested family bag. The requesting caregiver, social worker, or group home leader will then come and pick up the gifts they have requested to distribute on Christmas morning.

Last year Giving Tree was 100% virtual except for the distribution of gifts. We have received feedback from each participating church and are attempting a hybrid approach this year. Many participants found the online selection of wishlists preferable, while others missed the tangible cards. Help One Child will provide your church an online selection and set up as well as a google folder containing everything you will need to print the tangible cards. You will be able to decide to what degree Giving Tree is online vs physical.