Become a Foster Parent

Currently, there are over 1,500 at-risk children and youth in out-of-home placement in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. We know there are lots of options when choosing to open your home and we are committed to helping you find what’s best for your family.

We partner with the following organizations:

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County established a Recruitment Collaborative as a a joint effort between the County’s Foster Family Agencies (FFA’s) and the County recruitment team with the mission to provide every youth in foster care an opportunity to reach their full potential through collaborative recruitment efforts that increase the number of Trauma Informed Resource Families in Santa Clara County.

To learn more about the collaborative and the process of becoming a foster/resource parent or an adoptive parent please visit: Santa Clara County Recruitment Collaborative

Santa Clara County Informational Meeting Schedule

San Mateo County

For information on the process to become a resource/foster parent, adopt a child or volunteer with foster youth in San Mateo County please visit: Help San Mateo Kids

Whether you are ready to jump or just interested in hearing more, contact Judy Holmes who has been supporting people through this journey for almost two decades.

Assist with Preventative Care

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is an unprecedented movement of compassion aimed at reducing child abuse and abandonment by coming alongside children and families in crisis. SFFC provides a tangible way for the church family to love their neighbor and administer preventative care, aiding in family preservation and maintenance. Since beginning in Chicago in 2002, Safe Families for Children has helped a variety of children and families who are temporarily facing challenging circumstances:

  • A single mom in need of a night or weekend of respite care
  • Parents facing eviction or homelessness
  • A grandmother who had no one to care for her children when sudden illness required surgery
  • A pregnant teen who was no longer allowed to live at home
  • Children whose parents are incarcerated or going through drug rehabilitation
  • A parent trying to keep his job who needed after school care for his child

As the South Bay Peninsula sponsor, Help One Child recruits, screens and trains Host Families and Family Friends to serve as a safety net to families facing a crisis. The goal is that short term placement or weekend respite care can help alleviate the presenting crisis and prevent their children’s removal to foster care.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Host Family or a Family Friend please contact Judy Holmes.

Host Family Interview