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Support A Senior

February 24, 2021 - June 14, 2021

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Currently, we have 27 foster youth high school seniors who could benefit from knowing that the community is here to support them through this last semester of their high school journey. With COVID-19 on the rise, the adjustment to distance learning, and youth missing out on the fun of in-school activities, we are asking you to help us spread kindness and show our students that we care.

We could use your help!

For each of the 27 youth, we would like to provide them with a package of goodies and a note of encouragement. In addition, we want to celebrate each youth as they take the next steps after high school. Whether they were accepted to their dream college, decided what trade to peruse, or enrolled in the military, we want to send a message or video of encouragement. Each gift and note is a reminder to the youth that they have a community of supporters.

Below you will have the option to select at least one of the three options to participate:

Contribute to a monthly themed goodie package: The ILP staff is putting together a list of themed packaged they would like assistance putting together for each youth. You can sign up to assist in providing one youth a package for a specific month(s). You will be provided a list of care package items at the beginning of the month

Write a note of encouragement: Our hope is to provide encouragement from different community members. Write a note or card with encouragement, well wishes, and/or a prayer to be delivered to the high school senior. You can write to the same youth each month, or commit to one month.

Film a “Congratulations!” video: We love to support our seniors! Sometimes the next steps you take after graduating high school set the trajectory for the rest of your life. We want to celebrate with a personal video for each youth. Whether they decided on a college to attend, decided to join the workforce, or enroll in the military, we want to celebrate them. These videos will be requested as decisions are made, not on a monthly basis.


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February 24, 2021
June 14, 2021


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