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March Virtual Monthly Parent Training: Strategies for Restoring Calm to Your Home

March 12 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm


When a family is in crisis, it’s often all they can think about, as they move into survival mode. They are focused on the child’s behaviors and frustrations rather than on growth and healing. But the key to successfully handling crisis in our homes begins long before we are in a crisis. In this workshop, Erin Bouchard, owner of Trauma Based Parenting and author of Trauma Based Parenting, will walk participants through understanding children’s spiral. She will equip you with the skills you need to teach your family to manage all aspects of the spiral. You’ll learn how our kids, due to their early trauma and attachment, so often function in a dysregulated state. She’ll give strategies for managing the spiral, learning the cues of the spiral, and how to navigate when our child is at the top of the spiral.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand how early trauma causes crisis. 

As parents, we must understand why removal from family of origin is traumatic for our kids in care. We must identify why connection and felt safety must become our number one goal. 

2. Identify the stages of the spiral and what our child needs at each stage.

If we can learn where our child is in the spiral and learn strategies for regulating our dysregulated child, we can often avoid the top of the spiral. Erin will equip you to focus on those stages before a crisis hits. 

3. Learn to manage a crisis and repair after a crisis. 

When a child is in crisis, we must shift our gears from educating to riding out the explosion. We will discuss strategies for managing the crisis and what to do after the crisis has passed to bring the focus back to connection and felt safety.

Trainer Bio:

Erin Bouchard. Author. Speaker. Advocate. Educator.  Erin founded Trauma-Informed Parenting because she’s passionate about helping foster and adoptive parents understand early trauma and attachment. Erin Bouchard and her husband, Joel, have been foster parents since 2011. They adopted out of the foster care system in 2014. They are kinship, foster, adoptive, and bio parents. Over the years Erin has learned a lot through their experiences with early trauma. She teaches and educates about connection, attachment, trauma, grief, and loss. Her first book, Trauma-Informed Parenting is on the way! Help One Child appreciates her collaboration and contributions with blog articles, video usage permission for support group curriculum, and podcast guest appearances.

Online Registration Required for Zoom Link:

Please complete the online form below to register for this virtual training and you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom joining link by the day of the seminar.

A 2-hour training certificate can be requested after attending and completing the evaluation for 2 hours. Contact Judy@helponechild.org to request a virtual one to one match for childcare or with any questions about receiving your certificate.


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