Anyone can “Bless This Mess” for Help One Child! Please join us as we kick-off our inaugural fundraiser, Bless This Mess. We are looking for individuals to step forward and engage their personal networks to donate in support of Help One Child.

Participants are asked to do the following:

  1. Register by completing the form below.
  2. They allow their child(ren) to enhance their makeup as much as possible and ideally in an exaggerated way.
  3. They take a selfie of your enhanced makeup and email to
  4. A personalized fundraising page will be created for Bless This Mess participants and will be emailed back to participants. Then, it’s simple! Just share the link in as many ways as you can: on social media, email or text message. Tell everyone!

Then, watch the generosity of your family, friends and co-workers amaze you! And THANK YOU for supporting the life-changing ministry of Help One Child through #BlessThisMess.

Participants may write their own language when they register or they can use the following, which is pre-filled on Kindest:

Life is messy – especially so with kids. I’m participating in a fundraiser called #BlessThisMess. As many of you know, I have a heart for children from hard places. They bear the burden for choices they did not make. Not everyone can open their home to children, but we can all open our hearts (and if you feel led, your wallets too!).

The ministry of Help One Child needs you and me to continue their life-changing work.

Being moved from home to home is incredibly traumatizing for foster children. Help One Child was created in 1993 to support foster, adoptive and kinship families, so the children can have more permanency, more stability and more healing. Help One Child’s unique approach not only meets the tangible needs of at-risk kids, but also supports the parents who have stepped forward to parent high-needs kids.

LIFE IS MESSY! Will you please join me and #BlessThisMess? Because together we can do big things for young people – we can change lives!