In an attempt to make this parent training as accessible and distraction-free for you, we are offering virtual childcare. We know that with your children in the same room, or wanting your attention, it can be difficult to discuss the needs of your home, or listen to the trainer.

Our solution is to provide volunteers on our zoom parent training to entertain your kiddos during the training! Ideally, your child(ren) would have their own screen so they can interact with the volunteers.

When the meeting starts, sign in to the zoom meeting on all the devices being used. Then, the children will be placed into a “breakout meeting” with our volunteers and placed into one of 3 age groups. They are instructed to play games, interact, distract, and entertain the kids with age-appropriate means.

This will allow you to engage with the parent training with minimal distractions. Please sign your kids up below.