You, Me and God,  a lively, highly structured three-hour Sunday morning program for foster and adopted children, is a ministry of Help One Child supported by Union Presbyterian Church. This class is targeted toward children who have difficulty with relationships, such as those with emotional difficulties, attachment disorder, or ADHD.  JoAnne Morris, Tammy Greer (a social worker with Advent Ministries), Diana Mesa, (a behavioral assistant), and Kellyn Blaisdell teach the class.

Bible curriculum that focuses on the life of Jesus and the relationships he desires us to have with him and one another is taught by JoAnne. Tammy teaches the children specific relationship-building skills, such as how to be reciprocal in play and conversation, how to reach another’s facial expression, and how to show thoughtfulness to others.  Diana works with children who become dysregulated, to help them re-enter the classroom experience.  Kellyn assists with games and crafts. Class size is limited to 14.

The You, Me, and God class runs in 12-week sessions beginning on January 9, 2011.  A modified version of the class will run during the summer and the last 12-week session will begin  on September 18.  Those interested in knowing more about You, Me, and God should contact JoAnne Morris at Help One Child.