Waiting Children

Children are waiting for families….now

Below are some of the stories of youth we are currently looking for homes for.  You do not need to be a currently licensed foster home, but will need some training, background checks, and a home inspection.  Monthly reimbursement rates may be applicable.    Please join us in praying for them, and the potential families and volunteers who might be called to care for them.  If you would like to receive our prayer notices or any further information, please contact us at 650-917-1210 or judy@helponechild.org.


T is 17 years old and 3 months pregnant.  She is on track to graduate high school this summer, and while she is currently living in transitional housing, would really like a family to belong to and help her learn how to be a mom.  She currently has a job and would eventually like to continue her education, but is taking things one day at a time.  Some of our volunteers have already stepped up to support her as mentors, but we would still like to find her a mom!

TR is an 18 year old blind female moving back to California, preferably to San Mateo County, from Reno. Taylor has recently graduated high school. She currently has ten birds but has compromised to bringing three small (parakeets or parrots) with her to California. She has a friendly and outgoing personality. Her social worker plans to connect Taylor to some type of program working with the blind and/or begin community college once she is placed.

JH was sexually abused by a family member, and at 10 years old she was placed in the system. Recently she just turned 17 and hopes to become a probation officer.  She visits her mother regularly who is recovering from substance abuse. She recently testified against her pimp in court who received a 16-year sentence. She is searching for a quiet home where she can be protected from retaliation. Since her hearing was in Santa Clara County she cannot be placed there.

SS is facing a 30-day sentence in Juvenile Hall where she is staying now.  She needs a home to go to after her time is served. She is currently on probation and is 17 ½ years old. She has already passed her GED and hopes to attend community college and discover her career path. She was trafficked in Sacramento and her pimp is currently awaiting trial. Her mother resides in Redwood City and she still has a connection and visitation with her.

Rosie is 13 years old; she came into dependency because her father threatened to kill her. She was raised in a domestic violence home.  Her father was deported because of the severe physical abuse on Rosie and her mother cannot care for Rosie.  Rosie is resilient, brave, and caring.  She needs a permanent home.  She wants to be adopted.  Rosie is living in a residential treatment facility in Redding.  She has been in treatment for a year.  She loves art projects and making collages. She likes to weave bracelets. Rosie is athletic; her favorite sport is softball.  She is a strong reader and enjoys music like every other teen.  However, Rosie feels hopeless, rejected, and therefore engages in high risk behaviors. She seeks attention in the wrong places.

Jennifer is 14 years old; she was raised in a neglectful home.  She witnessed substance abuse and domestic violence.  Jennifer has a strained relationship with her mother.  She was returned to the care of her mother, but Jennifer did not feel safe in her care.  Jennifer is intelligent, outspoken, and she is interested in going to college.  Her favorite subject in school is math and she has above average grades.  She is also interested in cosmetology.  Jennifer has great potential to accomplish her goals, but does not have any positive connections. She is living in a group home, but needs a permanent home.

Judy is 16 years old; she has been a dependent twice in her young life.  Judy was adopted at age 4, but has a strained relationship with her adopted parents who are now divorced.  Judy likes to draw and paint.  She loves to tell jokes and has great sense of humor.  Judy has poor coping skills and self-harms.  She is receiving treatment out of the state due to her high risk and dangerous behaviors.  She is brave in that she is testifying against her exploiters. Once she completes the program, she will need a family.

Christy is a 17-year-old transgender male youth who identifies as female.  Christy endured severe trauma as a child and continues to be a victim of exploitation. Christy has had several treatment programs and placements; she has lived in many group homes and has been on probation for prostitution. Christy has repeatedly been rejected by family members and feels unloved, ugly, and alone.  Christy enjoys dancing, singing, and writing.  She is very bright and has strong writing skills.  She would benefit from having someone love her for unconditionally.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, or hosting an informational orientation at your church, please contact us at 650-917-1210 or judy@helponechild.org