Safe Families for Children (Family to Family Care)

Do you feel overwhelmed and struggle to meet the needs of your children? 

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is a network of families who volunteer to help you get back on your feet and/or care for your children on a temporary basis while you are facing overwhelming circumstances:

  • A parent trying to keep his or her job who needs after school care for their child.
  • A grandmother who has no one to care for her grandchildren when sudden illness requires surgery.
  • A pregnant teen who is no longer allowed to live at home.
  • Children whose parents are incarcerated or going through drug rehabilitation.

Our goal is to keep your family intact. The Safe Families for Children model involves distinct volunteer roles that each provide different types of support:

Host families agree to bring a child into their home at their own discretion, with the biological parent’s approval and partnership, based on availability, resources and limitations. Host families are not licensed foster families but do receive training and go through an extensive  screening process before being approved. Host families are not paid, they volunteer because they have a heart for keeping families united.

Family friends are screened and trained volunteers who can provide you with a listening ear, support, or even some guidance on how to budget, save money, and find work.

Family coaches will work with both you and the host family to make sure your child is safe, the host family is supported, and you have a plan and the tools you need to get back on your feet.

If a hosting is necessary, we’ll work with you to reunite your family as soon as possible once you feel like you and your home environment is stable and healthy.

As the biological parent (or legal guardian) you maintain full custody of your children and are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their care while they are being hosted. Our aim is to form a partnership between you and the volunteer families and see the Host Family as extended family. We encourage the relationship to continue even after your children return home.


If you have questions before requesting a Host Family, get answers to commonly asked questions here.

Refer a Family in Need

If you know of a child or family who would benefit from the Safe Families for Children Program, we are eager to help. Please contact Judy Holmes at