It is with a grateful heart that we share some wonderful ministry updates this holiday season.
  • Since our launch in early October, churches in Sonoma County have served 16 children with an economic impact of $7,869. Go here to see current needs and read descriptions of the needs already met.
  • Last month, Saint Matthew’s Church in Walnut Creek delivered a decorated Christmas tree with gifts to each family visitation center throughout Contra Costa County. The holidays can be an especially difficult time to be separated from your parents and we are so grateful for this church stepping up in such a big way!
  • Nearly 600 Christmas gifts were requested by San Mateo County social workers and group home staff. New North Church in San Bruno fulfilled and distributed all requests entered from their county! Big shout out to Jessica and her team of volunteers who oversaw and managed this huge undertaking.
  • Over 2,100 Christmas gifts were requested in Santa Clara County. These requests were fulfilled by 13 churches and 5 organizations! More than 100 families and 46 socials workers submitted these requests to ensure all children will have a gift to open Christmas morning.
There is something about the holiday season that encourages generosity and service. It has been an absolute privilege to partner with so many amazing people to see needs within our communities met.
Many of you will be deciding where to send your year-end tax-deductible gift, we hope you will consider Help One Child. As we expand to new counties around the bay area help us provide services and support to families and children in need.
Merry Christmas,


Over the past month, volunteers at 20 churches served as leads overseeing the Giving Tree program at their church. Without these key individuals, we wouldn’t be able to spread awareness and support children and youth in foster care with Christmas Gifts. Thank you to these extraordinary volunteers!

The World Of Transitional Aged Youth

Please Join us as we welcome Social Worker Jennifer Bui and the Independent Living Program Team of San Mateo County!

They will be sharing information on the process youth go through as they enter the foster care system, the challenges they face and the services available to them as they prepare to leave the system and become independent adults.

When: Tuesday, January 21st
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Where: Help One Child Office (858 University Ave, Los Altos)

Trust Based Relational Intervention Childcare Training

Help One Child offers an informational childcare training for the youth and childcare volunteers at your church. This training brings understanding to the strugles that foster and adoptive families endure and practical steps to help support the children impacted by foster care in your church community.

If your childrens ministry is interested in learning more about this training, please email Danielle at


Want to learn more about those impacted by the foster care system and what you can do to help? Read the artlicles below!

“When it comes to defending the weak, protecting the vulnerable and seeking justice in the midst of chaos and brokenness, no entity is more exceptionally equipped and clearly mandated to take an active lead than the Church.” -Jason Johnson, CAFO

Adoption “After” Biological Care

8 Ways To Help A Foster Family This Christmas

More Than Enough

Reset Day

Hit the “Reset Button” and start the New Year off feeling empowered in your parenting!

Topic: Defiance or Superpowers? How to find Your Child’s Strengths in the Midst of Challenging Behaviors
When: January 11, 2020
Time: 9:00-12:00 AM
Where: TBD

Making Sense of Suffering: Why Is This Happening?

Dr. Sarah Hill will be presenting on making sense of suffering.  When our lives are rocked by suffering and pain, it can shatter our ability of seeing the world as a safe, predictable place.
When: January 19, 2020
Time: 3:00 – 5:00 PM
Where: New Life Church