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Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is an unprecedented movement of compassion aimed at reducing child abuse and abandonment by coming alongside children and families in crisis.

SFFC provides a tangible way for the church family to love their neighbor and make a positive impact in their community.

Since beginning in Chicago in 2002, Safe Families for Children has helped a variety of parents and children who are facing overwhelming circumstances:

-Parents facing eviction or homelessness

-A mother who had no one to care for her children when sudden illness required surgery

-A pregnant teen who was no longer allowed to live at home

-Children whose parents are incarcerated or going through drug rehabilitation

-A parent trying to keep his job who needed after school care for his child

For more information, contact Help One Child at (650) 917-1210 or email


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Watch How Safe Families for Children helped Clarissa


Families Helping Families

When you experience a crisis or challenge in life, where do you turn? Many of us rely on relatives and our church family for support. For some families, however, there is no safety net when a crisis strikes.

Without support, problems become debilitating. Without support, it is very difficult to break the negative cycles of addiction, homelessness or emotional unhealthiness. It is in these high-stress environments that children are often overlooked and at risk for neglect and abuse. Until recently, help for families without support was very hard to find.

Now, thanks to an exciting partnership with Safe Families for Children, Help One Child and our local churches are providing parents who are experiencing temporary crisis with safe and hopeful options. Learn more about the Role of CHURCHES and how they can get involved!


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Watch this video from a Host Family

SFFC is a team effort, not an individual ministry. The church community is the primary resource.  Follow this link to see how you can bring the Safe Families for Children movement to your church.

The model involves not only a Host Family, but also a team of other volunteers who come alongside the Host Family and also the child’s biological family to share resources, expertise, and friendship. A volunteer Host Family agrees to bring a child into their home at their own discretion, with the parent’s approval and partnership, based on availability, resources, and limitations.

– Average length of a child’s stay is about six weeks, but it can range anywhere from two days to a year.

– When a child stays with a Host Family, the child’s biological parents maintain full legal custody and parental rights.

– The Host Family and the biological family work together to make decisions that are best for the child.

– A remarkable 85% of families in this movement come back together, often in the most stable environments they have ever known.

For more information, contact Help One Child at (650) 917-1210 or email


The Goals of Safe Families for Children

Child Welfare Deflection: SFFC provides a safe alternative to child welfare custody, thus reducing the number of children entering the child welfare system.

Child Abuse Prevention: Providing an overwhelmed and resource limited parent with a safe, temporary place for their child without threat of losing custody can avert potential abuse/neglect episodes.

Family Support and Stabilization: Many parents struggle because of limited informal social supports and unavailable extended family. Many host families become the extended family that a parent never had.


How You Can Reach Out and Help

Volunteers with Safe Families for Children come from every walk of life and every stage of life, and may be single or married.  There is a supportive role for everyone to play.  The common thread is an open heart willing to help a child.

Help One Child is in partnership with Safe Families for Children to provide a supportive, safe family for those children and their families who are temporarily facing challenging circumstances.

For more information, please contact Help One Child.


Help One Child office – 650 917 1210


For more information on the movement:

Safe Families Website

Watch Katie Couric on Safe Families for Children!

Watch Katie Couric on Safe Families for Children!