Personal Development – M-power

Personal Development

Tuesday, January 26 from 5:30 – 7:45 PM

This session will include:

Everyday Etiquette
Shake hands, eye contact, basic greeting

Good Table Manners
Set table with placemat template, joke, story
Please/Thank-you, chewing, talking, etc.

The Elements of Communication
Listening, social cues, kindness

Our Own Strengths and Needs

This first curriculum will focus on personal development and a child’s sense of self through games and exercises relative to the topics below.  At the beginning of the evening, children will be grouped with a leader for dinner that includes a fun “ice breaker” to establish a social connection.  They will be given an opportunity to practice and improve their basic everyday etiquette.  Following dinner, the children will participate in a craft project that explores and affirms the inherent good in every child, fostering self-esteem and exploring their inner voice (self-talk.)  Upon completion of the craft, the children will re-group to give them practice in social transitions.  The new group will engage in a team building exercise that explores emotional expression.  At the conclusion of the evening, the children will return to their original group and be given an opportunity to share their experiences.  A take-home packet will reinforce the evening’s program.

Personal Development Exercises:


How to Communicate with Friends and Family

The Concept of Self-Esteem

Listening Skills


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