Interpersonal Communication – M-power

Interpersonal Communication

Tuesday, February 23 from 5:30 – 7:45 PM

This session will include:

Everyday Etiquette
Shake hands, eye contact, basic greeting
Good Table Manners
Set table with placemat template, joke, story
Please/Thank-you, chewing, talking, etc.
The Elements of Communication
Listening, social cues, kindness
Our Own Strengths and Needs
The second curriculum will focus on interpersonal communication and improving a child’s communication skills through games and exercises relative to the topics below.  At the beginning of the evening, children will be grouped with a leader for dinner that includes a fun “ice breaker” to establish a social connection.  They will be given an opportunity to practice and improve their basic everyday etiquette.  Following dinner, the children will participate in a craft project that focuses on how they feel in their relationships with family and friends, healthy assertiveness, and managing conflict.  Upon completion of the craft, the children will re-group to give them practice in social transitions.  The new group will engage in a team building exercise that explores emotional expression and how that affects their ability to communicate with others.  At the conclusion of the evening, the children will return to their original group and be given an opportunity to share their experiences.  A take-home packet will reinforce the evening’s program.

Interpersonal Communication Exercises:

Assertiveness at Home and at School

Managing Conflict

Maintaining Good Emotional Health

Emotional Expressiveness