Empowering kids for life.

Growing up in today’s world can be confusing and challenging for children in the best of scenarios. When life brings unexpected challenges early on it can take extra energy and attention to learn life skills to cope and thrive. This series is aimed at children age 6 to 11 who have experienced a disruption in early childhood development.

The 4 Life Skills offered will facilitate growth in communication, self-esteem, relationships, reciprocity, building character and values, handling emotions and following social cues. Participants may choose to attend all 4 sessions of M-Power or simply sign up for the Life Skill of choice, which will conclude in only 1 session.

In each session children will sit with peers and volunteer leaders and, while enjoying a meal, participate in social skill developing games followed by a curriculum-based craft and group team building exercises. In the process they will learn about everyday etiquette, good table manners, the elements of communication, their own strengths and needs, as well as an assortment of skills specific to the session’s topic.

The M-Power curriculum is based on Annie E. Casey Foundation Life Skills program for teens, and has been modified for younger children in consultation with Help One Child’s Educational Advisory Board and the Fostering Families Committee of the Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula.

Parents are encouraged to take time to nurture themselves and enjoy the night off. Childcare is provided for siblings 0-5 years.

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