Freedom Summit 2013

Parents Night Out – Open Door MV 5-17-14
August 29, 2012
20th Anniversary Mission Increase Event
January 13, 2013

Freedom Summit 2013

Runaway foster youth represent the highest percentage of native-born trafficking victims today.

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They are being returned to our counties in rapidly increasing numbers as law enforcement shifts from prosecution to protection.  Learn the patterns that lure the abused into “the life” and discover how you can help break the cycle. Join the movement to train desperately needed caregivers and support providers.




Jill Sandy, Director of Community Development, Help One Child.  Ms. Sandy directs the recruitment of foster homes and volunteers for the ministry that has provided specialized training and support for caregivers since 1993. A former foster parent herself, Jill understands firsthand the critical role a caregiver can make in the recovery of an abused youth.

Denicia Cormier, SW, San Mateo County Department of Children & Family Services. Ms. Cormier leads the Commercially Sexually Exploited Task Force for her department and her caseload consists of minor dependent youth who are struggling to break the ties with their former life. Denicia brings an intimate knowledge of victim behavior and the need for innovative aftercare.
Ruth Huezo, MSW, Santa Clara County Department of Family & Children’s Services.  Ms. Huezo recruits caregivers for the hundreds of youth that enter foster care each year in need of a loving home. Ruth’s passion is finding the right chemistry between caregiver and youth so the healing can begin.

What can you do in…

10 Minutes: Sign up to receive more information on volunteer opportunities, specialized trainings, and youth events. Email

10 Days:  Sign up to attend the Caregiver and Support Service Orientation and determine where your gifts and skills can best be used to care for the abused, abandoned or abducted. Monday, February 4th , 6:30 PM in the Fireside Room at  Peninsula Covenant Church .  For more information and to RSVP, email

10 Months:  Increase your knowledge and ability to serve by attending a series of specialized trainings and support events which will include topics such as Understanding the CSEC, Developing Your Own Ministry to CSEC, Group and Individual Home Care Support, Girl’s Empowerment Symposium, Safe Families for Children, and Becoming a Licensed Foster Home.


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