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To check out a book, DVD, or workbook, please contact Judy Holmes at (650) 917-1210 or email Judy@helponechild.org. Your check in the amount of the stated value of the resource will be held until the item is returned.


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Book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Amen $10.00 Available
Book Windows Into the ADD Mind Amen $45.00 Available
Book The Myth of the ADD Child Armstrong $6.00 Available
Book The Highly Sensitive Person Aron $10.00 Available
Audiotape Building Self-Esteem in your Child Baile, Susan $10.00 Available
Book Your Defiant Child Barkley-Benton $15.00 Available
Book Building Healthy Friendships: Teaching Friendship Skills to Young People Beck $10.00 Available
Book Borderline Personality Disorder Bockian Available
Book Why Didn’t She Keep Me? Burlingham-Brown $20.00 Available
Audiotape Childhood Lying, Stealing & Cheating Cline $60.00 Available
Audiotape Grief, Trauma & Loss Cline $15.00 Available
Book Hope for High Risk and Rage Filled Children Cline $30.00 Available
Book Uncontrollable Kids: From Heartbreak to Hope Cline $15.00 Available
Book Can This Child Be Saved? Solutions for Adotpive and Foster Families Cline & Helding $20.00 Available
Book Adopted & Foster Child Assessment Cline & Helding $22.00 Available
Audiotape The Biology of Behavior Craft $25.00 Available
Book Caregivers and the Courts Deihl, Matin, & Nunes Available
Book Fostering Changes Delaney $15.00 Available
Book Raising Cain: Caring for Troubled Youngsters Delaney $15.00 Available
Book The Healing Power of the Family Delaney $17.00 Available
Book The Long Journey Home Delaney $8.00 Available
Book Troubled Transplants Delaney & Kunstahl $20.00 Available
Book Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Eldridge $14.00 Available
Book Healthy Attachment Parenting Erickson & Nakashima Available
Book A Child’s Journey Through Placement Fahlberg $14.00 Available
Audiotape Didn’t I tell you to take out the trash? Fay & Cline $14.00 Available
Book Help for the Hopeless Child Federici $22.00 Available
Book Dare to Love Forbes $20.00 Available
Book & DVD Beyond Consequences Classroom Series: Elementary Forbes & Guy $26.00 Available
Book & DVD Beyond Consequences Classroom Series: High School Forbes & Guy $26.00 Available
Book & DVD Beyond Consequences Classroom Series: Middle School Forbes & Guy $26.00 Available
Book & DVD Beyond Consequences Classroom Series: Preschool Forbes & Guy $26.00 Available
Journal The Secret World of Drawings Furth $20.00 Available
Book Transforming the Difficult Child Glasser & Eastley $19.00 Available
Book Attaching In Adoption Gray $17.00 Available
Book Motivating Martin Gray $20.00 Available
Book Learning Disabilities and Your Child Greene Available
Book The Maltreated Child Grey $25.00 Available
Book For What it’s Worth Hage $10.00 Available
Book So You Want to Be a Prince? Hage $4.00 Available
Book So You Want to Be a Princess? Hage $4.00 Available
Book Therapeutic Parenting: It’s A Matter of Attitude! Hage $7.00 Available
Book Trauma and Recovery Herman $12.00 Available
Book Detached – Surviving Reactive Attachment Disorder Hogsett $13.95 Available
Book Toddler Adoption Hopkins-Best $11.00 Available
Book Somebody Else’s Children Hubner & Wolfson $20.00 Available
Book Facilitating Developmental Attachment Hughes Available
Book Building the Bones of Attachment Hughes Available
Book Created to Belong (Biblical Attachment) Ikeda Available
Book Ghosts from the Nursery Karr & Morse $21.00 Available
Book Adopting the Hurt Child Keck & Kupecky $15.00 Available
Book Parenting the Hurt Child Keck & Kupecky $22.00 Available
Book Abroad & Back: Parenting and International Adoption Keck, James & Kupecky Available
Stop Walking on Eggshells Workbook Kreger & Shirley Available
Book The Best I can Be: Living with Fetal Alcohol syndrome or Effects Kulp $13.00 Available
Book From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaming Black and Hispanic Students Kuykendall $18.00 Available
Book Coming to Grips with Attachment Leslie $10.00 Available
Book When a Stranger Calls You Mom Leslie $25.00 Available
Book A Mind at A Time Levine $26.00 Available
Book The Myth of Laziness Levine Available
Book Handbook of Attachment Interventions Levy $50.00 Available
Book Attachment, Trauma, and Healing Levy & Orlans $35.00 Available
Book Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder Lineham $55.00 Available
Book Lost in the System Lopez $11.00 Available
Book Teaching Individuals with Developmental Delays Lovaas $58.00 Available
Book Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder Lynn $20.00 Available
Book Adoption Parenting MacLeod & Macrae Available
Book Surviving Bipolar’s Fatal Grip Mariant $20.00 Available
Book The Search for the Real Self Masterson $14.00 Available
Book Psychotropic Drugs Fast Facts Maxmen & Ward $40.00 Available
Book 401 Ways to Get Your Kids to Work at Home McCullough $15.00 Available
Book When Your Child is Cutting McVey-Noble, Khemlani-Patel, and Neziroglu $16.00 Available
Audio CD Relationship, Relatipnship, Relationship Mencioni Available
Book Children of Trauma Middleton-Moz $12.00 Available
Book Touching Montagu $16.00 Available
Book Shame and Pride Nathanson $15.00 Available
Book Parenting with Stories:Creating a Foundation of Attachment for Parenting your Child Nichols, Lacher & May $13.00 Available
Book Adoptees Come of Age Nydam $22.00 Available
Book ADHD and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders O’Malley $100.00 Available
Book The Bipolar Child Papolos & Papalos $25.00 Available
Book Healing Presence Payne $15.00 Available
Book Restoring the Christian Soul Payne $15.00 Available
Audio CD How to Turn the Stressful Holiday Season into Peaceful Family Time Post Available
Book For All Things a Season Post $15.00 Available
Book The Connected Child: Bringing Hope and Healing to your Adoptive Family Purvis, Cross & Sunshine $12.00 Available
Book Broken Hearts: Wounded Minds Randolph $35.00 Available
Book Children Who Shock and Surprise Randolph Available
Book Stand By Me Rhodes Available
Book A Symphony in the Brain Robbins Available
Book Compassion and Self-Hate Rubin $13.00 Available
Book Thriving as an Adoptive Family Sanford $14.99 Available
Book EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Shapiro & Forrest $30.00 Available
Book On Their Own Shirk & Stangler Available
Book The Developing Mind Siegel $30.00 Available
Book The Whole Brain Child Siegel, Bryson Available
Book Children of Open Adoption Silber & Martinez Dorner $10.00 Available
Book Leaving the Light On Smalley & Trent $12.99 Available
Book You’re Our Child: The Adoptive Experience Smith & Miroff $5.00 Available
Book 99 Ways to Drive your Child Sane St. Clair $10.00 Available
Book Children On Consignment: A Handbook for Parenting Foster Children and their Special Needs Stahl $20.00 Available
Book Dandelion on my Pillow, Butcher Knife Beneath Thomas $20.00 Available
Book When Love is Not Enough Thomas $15.00 Available
DVD Circle of Support Thomas $15.00 Available
Book & DVD It’s Not Just Housing Around with Defiant Kids Thomas Available
DVD Building Brilliant Brains Through Bonding Thomas Available
Audiotape Healing Trust Thomas $49.00 Available
Book Taming the Tiger While it’s a Kitten Thomas Available
DVD Give Me A Break: Help for Exhausted Parents of Difficult Children Thomas $30.00 Available
DVD More than a Thread of Hope Thomas $25.00 Available
DVD Shaping Tomorrow’s Children Thomas $40.00 Available
DVD Multiple Transitions: A Young Child’s Point of View on Foster Care & Adoption Trout $70.00 Available
Book Trauma Stewardship van Dernoot Lipsky $15.00 Available
Book Real Parents, Real Children van Gulden & Bartels-Rabb $14.00 Available
Book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child Verny $16.00 Available
Book The Adopted Child Grows Up: Coming Home to Self Verrier $20.00 Available
Book Coming Home to Self Verrier Available
Book Father Loss Wakerman $10.00 Available
Book Blame it on the Brain? Welch $11.00 Available
Book Parents in Pain White $15.00 Available
Book How Does your Engine Run?: A Leaders Guide to the Alert Program for Self-Regulation William & Shellenberger $40.00 Available
Audio CD Dr. Don Kids Meditation Williams Available
Audio CD Attachment 17th Annual International Conference Available
Audio CD 18th Annual International Conference on Attachment and Bonding Available
DVD Trauma, Brain, and Relationships: Helping Children Heal Available


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