Events List

Virtual Volunteer Program

858 University Avenue, Los Altos

We understand your household is experiencing some additional tension as we are all maneuvering a new sense of normal and establishing routine. For families with kids […]

Volunteers Virtually Supporting Families

858 University Avenue, Los Altos

Friends, this pandemic has thrown a wrench in our schedules we are all trying to figure out the new "norm." Some of us have found that […]

Giving Tree Gift Requests

858 University Avenue, Los Altos

For many years, we have been partnering with local churches and organizations to bring Christmas gifts to the children and youth in your care. Although the […]

Donation Giveaway

Union Presbyterian Church 858 University Avenue, Los Altos

THIS IS A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED EVENT! We have been blessed with a ton of generous donations during these crazy times, and would love to […]

Support Group Volunteer Training 2020

Help One Child 858 University Ave, Los Altos

As a childcare volunteer for the Help One Child Support Groups, you play a vital role in the community of support around the foster and adoptive […]