Created to Belong

MIB 2016
March 23, 2016
SCC Childcare: Foster Parent Appreciation Luncheon
April 18, 2016

Created to Belong



WebpageThis is an ideal opportunity for any one of us to draw closer to our Creator as we understand how our relationships with God and our primary caregiver become integral to our relationship with others.

Linda will use interactive exercises, video and scripture to teach us….

Attachment is God’s Plan: What is attachment and why it is relevant to the church.

The Birth of Trust: How attachment develops.

Accepting Authority: Repair and reunion.

Accepting All of Me and All of You: Brain Development 101.

Saturday, May 14th
8:30 Registration
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
 .at Venture Christian Church
“The Ranch House”
Snacks & Beverages Provided

Childcare will not be available

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About our Speaker:

Linda Ikeda Picture for WebpageLinda Ikeda, RN, MFT has worked closely with Hep One Chid for nearly 20 years as a board member, education advisor, and therapist to many fost-adopt families in the ministry’s network. Her extensive expertise is in attachment and other early developmental traumas.

Created to Belong was originally designed to train pastors, lay leaders and caregivers in meeting the unique and complex needs of abandoned and traumatized children over a seven week teaching series.  Through Created to Belong, caregivers are taught how to help repair damage done by difficult circumstances in a child’s life and restore the child’s ability to bond with both God and other people.  In conjunction with Empower International Ministries, Created to Belong also offers preventative services, teaching parents how to create loving families in which to nurture emotionally healthy children.

100% of any donations received from this presentation will be given to Empower International to further Linda’s work in developing countries where she travels each summer  to “train the trainers.”

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