Susan Herman

Executive Director

Susan has been leading Help One Child since 2005, directing the staff in the recruitment of foster families and volunteers, offering quarterly parent training, and expanding its support services. She has been instrumental in increasing the programs and services offered as well as the creation of more than 3000 service opportunities offered each year in support of its network families. In 2014, she established Help One Child as the San Francisco Peninsula/South Bay implementer for the internationally renown Safe Families for Children movement, extending the ministry’s reach to provide preventative care to children at risk of removal into foster care. She maintains a network of churches that act as the organization’s satellite locations throughout its region of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties for recruitment, training and support efforts. Having opened her family home to children in need, Susan understands the importance of having a diversified network of support and resources.

Valerie Crane

Director of Operations

Valerie comes to Help One Child from the hospitality industry where she gained over a decade of experience in the planning and execution of multiple and varied events. Valerie originally joined the ministry in 2013 as a Program Manager to launch its outreach to teens living in group home residences through its Supper Club program and steered its considerable growth with care and professionalism. Since her appointment in 2015 as Help One Child’s Director of Operations, she oversees the ministry’s more than 20 programs, services and events with an eye to expansion where the need and opportunity arise. Valerie and her husband are foster parents in addition to being a Safe Families for Children Host Family, showing great compassion for children and youth in need of short and long term care as well as a shared commitment with the families in our network.

Judy Holmes

Director of Support Services

Judy has directed the various support services of Help One Child since 1998, working directly with its network families. She introduces new clients to the ministry’s full suite of support services through a one-on-one orientation tailored to meet the needs of prospective foster/adoptive parents, biological families in temporary crisis, and host families willing to provide short-term preventative care.  Assisted by the ministry’s regional advisors, she maintains regular contact with hundreds of caregiver families, matching volunteers with needs, offering compassion and providing resources and solutions to individual challenges. Judy received her certification as a trainer in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) following her training under Dr. Karyn Purvis. In addition, she has completed training with the Girls Educational Mentoring Services’ (GEMS) for empowering victims of sexual abuse and Question, Persuade, & Refer (QPR) for suicide prevention.

Danielle Pickard

Office Administrator

Danielle joined the staff in 2016 and is an invaluable support to the ministry’s staff and families. She touches virtually everything that crosses the threshold of Help One Child. With incredible efficiency, she is responsible for maintaining the inventory of hundreds of donated goods and each one’s delivery to a family in need, she accounts for critical cash donations, pays the bills, keeps the books and database current and the office organized and well-stocked while finding the time post on social media. Her radiant smile, unique sense of humor, and compassionate servant heart are a welcome relief to every client, visitor and coworker.

Board of Directors

Dan Van Elderen, Co-Chair
Judi Van Elderen, Co-Chair
Mark Morris, Founder, Corporate President
JoAnne Morris, Founder, Corporate Secretary
Sandi Orlando, RN, Board Secretary
Tim Harvey, Regional Advisory Board
Sara Harvey, Regional Advisory Board


Education & Training

Linda Ikeda, RN, LMFT

  • Private Practice, Saratoga, CA
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Christian Association of Psychological Studies
  • Association for the Training and Treating of Attachment in Children (ATTACH)
  • Help One Child Board Member (2005-2008)
  • Help One Child Parent Child Connection Instructor
  • Training for Parenting Seminars
  • Trainer/Author, “Created to Belong”

Dr. Don Williams, PsyD

  • Private Practice, Palo Alto, CA
  • Help One Child Parent Child Connection Instructor
  • Instructor/Trainer for Help One Child’s Re-Set Day
  • Lead Team Trainings for Signs of Hope Camp and
  • Power Life Skills Programs
  • Trainer/Author, “Wise and Skillful Parent” Parenting Seminar Series

Tammy Greer, MSW

  • Help One Child You, Me and God Instructor
  • Director of The Refuge, San Jose, CA

Legal Advocacy

Regina Deihl, JD

  • Private Practice, Half Moon Bay, CA
  • Board Member Public Interest Endowment
  • Executive Board at Santa Clara University School of Law

Lois Raap, JD

  • Private Practice, Los Gatos, CA
  • Therapeutic Foster Parent
  • Casey Family Programs Ruth Massinga Foster Parent of the Year Award 2007