Defining the Problem

Many children are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. When their situation becomes severe, they are removed from their homes and placed in protective custody. At this time of crisis, at-risk children need loving caretakers to temporarily share their homes and other volunteers to wrap support around these families.

Note: Fewer than 10% actually enter the system.

Due to a critical shortage of foster homes, foster children are often placed in overcrowded, impersonal institutions or emergency shelters where their trauma continues. Presently, our counties are experiencing the greatest shortage of homes for foster children in history.


Number of Foster Homes currently needed in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties

Finding these homes would assure that good matches can be made between the children and families. It would also insure that no home is overcrowded, and prevent the need for children to be moved to homes in other parts of the state.

For several years, and certainly now because of the shortage of foster homes, the foster child’s prognosis for a good life has been dim. Because they don’t know the love and security of a family, they may relate poorly to all forms of authority. Many end up with a life on the streets or in penal institutions. Many deal with disillusionment and anger by turning to drugs and alcohol and hurtful relationships. Many give birth to foster children.

The plight of foster children is a particular challenge to the Christian community, as God calls us to demonstrate His love to the least and most helpless among us, and to provide them with a roadmap for living an abundant life. Help One Child offers many opportunities to help Bay Area foster children, you can make a difference starting today! Read more about our Programs, or check out our Volunteer Calendar for upcoming events!