Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen foster, adoptive, and at-risk families. We offer families in our network access to education, community, and tangible resources. We accomplish this by partnering with local churches and the community, providing them tools and opportunities to engage and support those in need. We believe these resources impact the long-term health and stability of foster and adoptive placements and biological family preservation.

Help One Child serves ANY child or family who have either adopted or have a Child Protective Services case open. Jesus cast the widest net of love, tearing down cultural biases and promoting radical, personal generosity and concern for those in need.  With that example, Help One Child brings together diverse constituents – government agencies, churches, businesses, schools, and other ministries – to support children and families in crisis regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, political leanings, etc.

Help One Child partners with Christian churches to care for children and families impacted by child welfare services or adoption; stimulating life-changing relational connections in the process.  The example and teachings of Jesus fuel everything we do. At the same time, Help One Child also brings together diverse constituents – government agencies, businesses, schools, and other faith-based ministries – to accomplish a common mission of caring for children together.  There is a place at the table for everyone.